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Page history last edited by Pat Hensley 1 year, 11 months ago

Mount Rogers Appalachian Trail Club Steering Committee, Board Members, and Task Coordinators: 2022 


Steering Committee Coordinators (Elected every two years):

Trails Coordinator & Boundary: Doug Levin (2021-2023)

Outreach Coordinator: Heidi Dixon-White (2022-2024)

Natural Resources Coordinator: Carol Broderson (2021-2023)

Club Recreational Activities: Sharon Trumbley (2021-2023)

RPC Rep. Gerry Davis (2021-2023)

RPC Alternates: appointed by Board annually

Bill Hurlebaus
Terry Walker


Board Members (Elected every two years):

Treasurer: Gloria Surber (2022-2024)

Secretary: Edie Bobko (2022-2024) 

Director: Ron Bobko (2022-2024) 

Director: Janet Gibbons (2022-2024) 

Director: Robert Hagen (2022-2024) 

Director: George Kilgore (2020-2022)

Director: Anne Maio (2022-2024) 

Director: Beth Minnick (2021-2023)

Director: Isaac Peters (2021-2023)

Director: Marcia Pruner (2022-2024) 

Director: Jim Warden (2019-2021)

Director: Frank White (2022-2024) 


Other club task coordinators (appointed annually):

Membership: Sharon Trumbley

Timekeeper: Ron Bobko

Newsletter Editor: Edie Bobko

Website: Pat Hensley

Facebook: Mary Davis

Youth Coordinator: Mary Davis

Administrative Asst.: Anne Maio

AT Communities: 

Abingdon: Bunny Medeiros

Damascus: Robert Hageb


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