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Mt Rogers National Recreation Area Scenic Tour and Campground Information

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Check Out The New Mount Rogers Mobile App


Please consider participating in a soft kickoff and be among the first to try the new smart phone app for the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. The app provides visitors a self-guided tour focused on the Mount Rogers Scenic Byway. The first version of the app outlines a tour that extends from Mount Rogers HQ, to Raccoon Branch Campground, Hurricane Campground, and Troutdale. From Troutdale, the tour follows VA 603 and US 58 to Damascus, with stops including Fairwood, Grindstone Campground, Konnarock, Beartree, and Creek Junction. The app provides directions, photographs, and information about each site on tour.


The app is one of many upcoming US Forest Service apps being developed as part of a new mobile program created by the USFS in partnership with OnCell, a provider of apps for parks, museums and other visitor attractions. The Mount Rogers National Recreation Area is the first Forest Service unit in Virginia to participate in this program and to make an app available.


Long-time Forest Service volunteer Ed Clayton along with Recreation Program Manager Sara Abbott worked with OnCell to create the Mount Rogers app. The first version of the app will be enhanced, adding information about additional recreational opportunities in the National Recreation Area.


There are two ways to access the app. The first is to download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play to your smart phone. (Search for “Mount Rogers.”) You may also check out a web version of the app at www.mountrogers.oncell.com. When you use the web version of the app, reduce the size of your browser window to simulate the size of a smart phone.  


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